Remember you are more than your body
Remember you are more than your thoughts
Remember you are more than your emotion
Dig up the memory of who you are

Remember why you’re here on this planet
Remember what you’ve learned from all the pasts
Remember where you come from
and where you’re going
Now it’s time to cross the line

I am pure and innocent, you are spirit
And I release you from my projections on you
I give up the person I created
The truth is, I have to forgive myself

For losing myself

I forgive myself

This is the time of decision
Now it’s time for me to see through
This is he time of forgiving
It’s time for us to live the new.

Live the new

Live the new

the new the new the new

life the true

this is the dawning of a new land

that's why we're here together

for a new land

for a new world

for a new start

to live from heart

to heart

Verena Bruckner

© 2013 by Golden Mustard. All rights reserved.